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Rosie Beare - June 2020 portrait.jpg

Rosie, an English food photographer with a background in Art History, came to photography in an organic way. 


Her love of photography and a lifelong passion for food led her to create a food blog a decade ago. From there she narrowed her focus to food photography, moved to Amsterdam and joined Scrambled as a photographer in 2017. 


Rosie’s sophisticated approach allows her to capture the essence of her subject.

Her photography is first and foremost about telling a story through light, this combined with her experimental mindset and attention to detail enables her to fine-tune the atmosphere in each image and adjust to the world of the brand. 


Rosie’s experience allows her to works closely with clients to get the desired result whilst adding her own expertise and feel to the images.

She currently works as Head of Photography at Scrambled, a food focused creative production agency in Amsterdam. 

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